These are uncertain times. Decisions made in the coming months will direct the course of our nations and people for many years to come. Unite is determined that the voice of working people will be heard as the UK negotiates our future out of the EU. Brexit Check is our online resource dedicated to bringing the news, views, facts and analysis on the negotiations. Follow Unite’s campaign to win an EU exit that works for working people.

“As Brexit unfolds the stakes for Scotland could not be higher. Unite is committed to being the strong collective voice Scottish workers need  – in Holyrood, in Westminster and in the workplace. The Tories have no mandate to foist their version of Brexit on Scotland. We are drawing a red line in front of workers’ rights. It was the trade union movement which won them originally and we will organise to defend them. To defend jobs we will demand that our world class industries, from oil to whiskey, have access to the Single Market.”

Pat Rafferty, Unite Scotland Secretary

“From agriculture to aerospace, workers across Wales are not going to accept a Tory Brexit negotiated without the needs of our nation given a second thought. Neither will we sit back and allow any employers to try and exploit the uncertainty. Throughout the Brexit process we will be demanding guarantees that Welsh jobs are defended and that Wales’ economy and future prosperity are a core objective. Any Post-Brexit settlement must be part of an industrial strategy for Wales that retains tariff-free access to the Single Market, supports our wider manufacturing industries and retains and extends employment rights.”

Andy Richards, Unite Wales Secretary

“Leaving the EU has the potential to transform society and the economy for years to come and will undoubtedly change relations between Northern Ireland, the Republic and Great Britain. It is vital we get it right. It is vital that we stand together to defend jobs and rights. In the long-term we must also take full advantage of any increased powers for governmental intervention to secure growth in the economy. Only an ambitious industrial strategy to create and defend secure jobs with decent pay will mitigate the impact of Brexit.”

Jimmy Kelly, Unite Ireland Secretary