Unite: Leaked immigration policy won’t deliver a rate for the job economy

Unite has warned that a Brexit delivered by an anti-union Tory party, hostile to workers rights, will not deliver decent jobs or end the race to the bottom attacks on wages, terms and conditions.

A leaked Home Office report on Britain’s post-Brexit immigration policy talks of the end of low-skilled migration and UK employers being forced to prioritise British workers.

But Unite says the approach will not protect communities, jobs and workers’ rights, or end the exploitation of migrant workers.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “We need a system that is fair and reasonable and changes the UK from a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ to a ‘rate-for-the-job’ economy, with employers stopped from paying workers from abroad less than others.

“Workers must not be pitted against workers. Only a rate-for-the-job economy will restore dignity and security to working life in this country. Yet neither this leaked document or the government’s approach to the Brexit negotiations do anything to assure our members that ensuring decent jobs and decent pay for all is even remotely in the minds of ministers.”