Car workers increasingly concerned about Brexit impact on jobs, Unite warns

UK automakers are becoming increasingly exasperated with the government’s apparent inability to avoid a calamitous Brexit, Unite has warned.

Writing for Unite Brexit Check after Toyota warned that a failure to secure tariff-free access to the European market could result in a rethink about the future of its Burnaston plant, assistant general secretary Tony Burke said it was clear that “Brexit shambles” was doing real damage to the car manufacturing industry.

“There is a constant drip of companies advising Unite shop stewards and convenors that they can’t make investment decisions.

“Business nerves are on edge, and nowhere more so than in the autos sector.

“As our members at Toyota and Rolls Royce, who lobbied parliament for certainty over the Brexit process, know all too well, workers are increasingly concerned about the impact on their jobs.

“The uncertainty at the heart of government is creating widespread insecurity and confusion within both management and the workforce.

“Our members are not bargaining chips and their livelihoods are not collateral damage. Whatever some ministers may believe, it is their duty to protect jobs.

“They cannot blame a cautious industry, or Brussels, when investment goes elsewhere.”

Read Tony Burke’s blog here