60 percent of European doctors are considering leaving Britain, GMC poll shows

Nearly 60 percent of European NHS doctors are thinking of leaving because of Brexit, a General Medical Council (GMC) survey shows.

In the UK around 10 percent of doctors are EU nationals, while five percent of nurses trained in an EU country before coming to Britain.

The GMC said 2,106 EU doctors, around 10 percent of the total working in the UK, took part in the survey.

Sixty percent said they were thinking of leaving the UK in the future, with the majority saying that Brexit was an influence in their considerations.

On Tuesday, GMC chief executive, Charlie Massey, told the health select committee the results were a cause for concern.

He said, “It does send a worrying signal in terms of the stock of doctors currently working in the UK.”

More than 1,000 of the doctors surveyed mentioned their feelings about Brexit, Massey said, with two main issues being cited repeatedly.

He said: “Firstly, a question of whether or not doctors felt valued working in the NHS, and secondly, the uncertainty over the continuing future residency status.”

Massey also made laid his concerns out in a statement.

He said: “European Economic Area doctors make a huge and vital contribution to health services across the UK. We want to continue attracting overseas doctors in future, and ensure we do not create any unnecessary barriers that would stop them coming here.

“It’s deeply worrying that some are considering leaving the UK in the next few years. If they leave, this would have a serious impact on patient care and would place the rest of the UK medical profession under even greater pressure.”