Brexit confusion casting shadow over Irish economies, Unite warns

Unite has proposed a range of confidence-building measures focussed on jobs and living standards to be delivered in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, aimed at cushioning the impact of Brexit and the ongoing the political confusion.

Unite Ireland regional secretary Jimmy Kelly has warned that the Westminster government’s proposals, designed to mitigate the impact of Brexit on the island of Ireland, have merely sown confusion.

Writing for Unite Brexit Check, he says:

“Where economies, investors and workers need certainty, the Tories continue to sow confusion. This is inhibiting investment and casting a shadow over the economies on both sides of the border, with the threat of job losses, wage deflation, and further damage to the already dislocated border economy.

“It is now up to politicians in both jurisdictions to secure measures which increase confidence while cushioning the impact of Brexit in general, and last month’s proposals in particular.

“Steps proposed by Unite include raising the wage floor, tackling precarious employment practices, and extending collective bargaining rights as well as deepening sectoral collective bargaining structures. At the same time we need to raise the social wage in both jurisdictions, while also clamping down on tax avoidance and evasion.”

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