Corbyn: Only Labour can unite leave and remain voters to deliver a Brexit that works for all

Jeremy Corbyn said only Labour can unite both leave and remain voters during his concluding speech at the party’s conference today (September 27), as he lambasted the Tories’ shambolic Brexit strategy.

The Labour leader said those who voted for Brexit and those who voted against it can be brought together under a Labour government.

He said: “Labour is the only party that can bring together those who voted leave and those who backed remain and unite the country for a future beyond Brexit.

“What matters in the Brexit negotiations is to achieve a settlement that delivers jobs, rights and decent living standards.

Corbyn contrasted “a shambolic Tory Brexit driving down standards” to a Labour Brexit – one that “puts jobs first…one that guarantees unimpeded access to the single market and establishes a new co-operative relationship with the EU.

He said a Labour would be one that “uses powers returned from Brussels to support a new industrial strategy to upgrade our economy in every region and nation.”

“One that puts our economy first not fake immigration targets that fan the flames of fear,” Corbyn said.

“It isn’t migrants who drive down wages and conditions but the worst bosses in collusion with a Conservative government that never misses a chance to attack trade unions and weaken people’s rights at work.”

He also pledged that Labour would guarantee the rights of the more than 3m European citizens now resident in the UK.

Corbyn took aim at Prime Minister Theresa May and the negotiating skills of her team – most recently May failed badly as the US Department of Commerce moved to slap fines on Bombardier despite the prime minister raising the issue with Donald Trump.

“If the special relationship means anything, it must mean that we can say to Washington – that way is the wrong way,” Corbyn argued, highlighting the thousands of jobs now at risk at Bombardier in Northern Ireland.

“A Prime Minister betting our economic future on a deregulated trade deal with the US might want to explain how 220 per cent tariffs are going to boost our exports,” he said.