Increase local government funding or risk making Brexit uncertainty worse, leading international trade union federation warns

Funding for local government should be increased to help deal with Brexit uncertainty, the Public Services International (PSI) trade union federation has said.

Speaking exclusively to Unite Brexit Check, PSI local government officer Daria Cibrario warned that leaving the EU could spark further funding cuts for local authorities that result in “very serious political and economic repercussions at a national level”.

Cibrario said: “It is important to keep local government services in decent condition, if not increase funding for them. In a moment of social and economic crisis, as it may well be with Brexit in the short to mid-term, what will help keep your social fabric and economy going will be local public services.

“Hopefully, if the Labour Party comes back into power, there will be a radical change in the way local government services and workers are seen and supported.”

Watch Cibrario’s full interview with Unite Brexit Check here.