Leaving European Aviation Safety Agency will hurt aerospace industry, Aeronautical Society warns

Staying in the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is vital if the UK is to protect its aerospace industry and maintain air safety standards, the Royal Aeronautical Society (RSA) has warned.

A new report by the society found that continued membership of EASA is crucial for the competitiveness of Britain’s aerospace industry.

The report also concluded that the UK’s influence over the development of international aviation legislation will be negatively affected if it leaves EASA.

RSA president Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton said: “Based on the analysis of the evidence and expertise available, the maintenance of the UK’s membership of EASA is by far the most practical solution to allow the aviation and aerospace industry to be competitive and develop innovative products that supports the provision of quality services for consumers, and allows aviation safety standards to be maintained and improved using the latest technology.”