Mastermind behind Vote Leave campaign now admits Brexit could “be an error”

The man who lead the campaign for Brexit has admitted that leaving the EU could “be an error” and said the referendum was a “dumb idea”.

Vote Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings, the mastermind behind the false £350m a week for the NHS pledge, now says it’s possible that the UK could end up worse off because of Brexit.

Asked on Twitter if there were any scenarios that would make him wish Vote Leave had lost, Cummings wrote: “Lots! I said before REF was dumb idea, other things shdve been tried 1st. In some possible branches of the future leaving will be an error.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron responded by declaring that “Dominic Cummings has let the cat out of the bag”.

He said: “This is the man who slapped the £350million NHS lie on the side of the bus who is now saying leaving the EU could be a mistake.”

Though Cummings rarely made public appearances during the referendum he was campaign director of Vote Leave, the official Brexit campaign.

The former special adviser to Micheal Gove also came up with the slogan “vote leave, take control”.