McCluskey: Better for Labour to wait before calling no confidence vote over May’s “Brexit bungling”

Unite leader Len McCluskey has said that although it is clear the public has no confidence in Theresa May’s government it would better for Labour to wait to move a parliamentary vote of no confidence in her leadership.


McCluskey said: “Millions of people have lost all confidence in this government. Tory Brexit bungling on top of the agonies of austerity means it is well past the time for Theresa May and her team to go.

“Whether it is the right moment for Labour to move a parliamentary vote of no confidence is another matter – it is far from clear that the views of the country would be reflected in the votes of MPs.

“In particular, Jeremy Corbyn should not be bounced by those who have little or no interest in seeing Labour elected. They would be better placed using a censure motion and waiting for the right time to issue a vote of no confidence.”