Unite response to JLR Brexit concerns: Our jobs are not for the Tories to play Russian roulette with

Commenting on reports tonight (Wednesday, July 4) that Jaguar Land Rover is concerned that a `hard’ Brexit will not support that company’s future in the UK, the general secretary for Unite, the union representing automotive and manufacturing workers, Len McCluskey said:

“JLR is one of the manufacturing success stories of this country of recent times.  Much of that is down to the dedication of a workforce who have fought tooth and claw for a future.

“But now tens of thousands of decent jobs – the sort we will need more than ever outwith the EU – are being put at risk by a government that places its survival, indulging narrow, extremist views, above the well-being of the people of this country.  This is simply not acceptable.

“So I say this to the Tory party, our jobs are not yours to play Russian roulette with.  Drop your red lines and secure a decent deal, one that is to the benefit of the working people of this country.  And if you cannot agree to put people before your ideology then move over and let a party that will get on with it.

“I also say this to any employer of Unite members; if you think that a Tory Brexit is a green light for the dash to the door, or to diminish pay and living standards, then think again.

“We will never allow our members to suffer because your profits are being put before our people.

“Business, if you care about decent jobs and a stable future for generations to come then do not allow these Tory Brexit nightmares to come true.

“Show your faith in the workers of these nations by talking to us now about how we can keep skills and prosperity in this country.”