Chuka Umunna: Labour is clear – Brexit would be better with single market membership

Since the election result became known, there has been some debate about Labour’s approach to Brexit, especially in relation to our membership of the single market.

All of us will want to take notice of the message delivered by the British people last week. When the prime minister called the snap election, she said that the country was united behind her Tory government’s vision of Brexit, but it was not. The result on 9 June showed how patronising, complacent and simply wrong that analysis was. If the public has said anything, it is that it does not trust this government to deliver Brexit, and it fears the extreme and chaotic plan outlined by ministers.

While Labour did not win the election, we made a big, important step along the path to office – the ultimate way to make our values real. We benefited from the anger of the silent millions of remain voters who felt ignored by the Tories. Jeremy Corbyn tapped into this, and young people who had been politically activated by, and then outvoted in, the referendum last year flocked to Labour’s message of hope (notably the turnout of young voters in that referendum was higher than on 8 June). But many middle-aged voters were drawn to us – whether they voted leave or remain – disgusted that the government had disregarded their fears and concerns, not only about Brexit but many domestic policies, too, such as the dementia tax.

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Chuka Umunna is the Labour MP for Streatham