Frances O’Grady: Just what are jobs and living standards being put at risk for?

This week we’ve learned from the government’s leading Brexiteer, David Davis, that the UK will be putting British jobs and living standards at risk for nothing more than the illusion of ‘taking back control’ of our borders.

Visiting Latvia, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union suggested that not only high-skill, but low-skill, migration will continue at pretty much current levels for “years and years”, despite leaving the EU.

Meanwhile, concerns are mounting up about the impact of going beyond leaving the EU, for which there is a popular mandate, to rule out staying in the single market and the customs union, which simply wasn’t on the ballot paper.

Crashing out of the EU – the Government’s plan B – could mean an extra £6billion of taxes on British exports to Europe and other countries, restrictions on the export of services, and huge queues at our ports.

And there could be a bonfire of the workers’ rights that single market membership guarantees with the conversion of Britain into a low wage low-regulation low-tax haven for the worst employers.

The hard Brexit that the Government is planning would not be in the interests of British workers, which means it will not be in the interest of Britain.

The full Huffington Post blog can be found here.

Frances O’Grady is the general secretary of the TUC