Phillip Inman: Even German carmakers won’t save us from a hard Brexit

There is a shared belief among Leavers and Remainers to the effect that when the Brexit cliff-edge comes into view, London and Brussels will hatch a face-saving compromise.

It’s not entirely clear what kind of gleaming alloy can be forged from the fire of claim and counterclaim on either side of the channel, but there should be a way, they think, to cut through the noise and make something solid and lasting that shows neither side is entirely inept.

The Leavers are still convinced that German car companies hold all the aces. It is certainly a popular view inside the Department of International Trade, and even in David Davis’s Brexit department.

Davis, after all, is the chief negotiator who used his first tour of Europe following the referendum result to taunt local politicians about their lack of influence once the likes of Renault, BMW or VW started making their voices heard.

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