Public overwhelmingly oppose PM’s plan to leave EU with no deal if Parliament rejects her terms with Brussels, poll shows

A majority of people are against Theresa May’s plan to break all ties with Europe in the event of Parliament voting against the deal she agrees with EU officials, according to a new poll.

A weighted BMG Research poll of 1,576 UK adults , carried out for the Independent, found that 56 percent disagreed with May’s plan to revert to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules if Parliament votes against her terms.

A quarter of people surveyed said that “we should leave the EU with no set future relations in place and revert to trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation rules”, if May’s deal is rejected.

However, 27 percent said May should go back to the negotiating table if the vote goes against her, 14 percent said the UK should stay in the EU on the new terms and 15 percent said Britain should remain in the EU on our current terms.

In total, 56 percent of those asked disagreed with May’s plan to fall back on WTO rules.

Full details of the poll can be found here.