Stop Brexit talks brinkmanship and make deal that benefits UK and EU workers, says ITF

In an interview with Unite Brexit Check, International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) assistant general secretary Rob Johnston said any international post-Brexit trade deals must not be allowed to neglect workers in favour of big business.

Commenting on the Brexit negotiations, he said: “There needs to be real leadership on the UK’s behalf, with a sensible negotiating strategy which isn’t about brinkmanship.

“We need all the parties to sit down and negotiate in a sensible way, looking at the overall outcome. It’s no good (for the UK government) to sit there and say things like ‘we don’t want to discuss the divorce bill, we only want to negotiate trade’.

“There needs to be an understanding that we have to look at this as a whole piece and to have a meaningful negotiation process, which in the end benefits workers, communities and society as a whole – not just the few.”

Watch Johnston’s interview with Unite Brexit Check here.