Trump has betrayed working people says US union, highlighting dangers of hard-right Tory Brexit

The US union Teamsters has called out the “sham” economic populism of Trump, highlighting the dangers of a hard-right Tory Brexit.

The Teamsters union, which has 1.4m members across North America, has warned that the political disenfranchisement behind the rise of Trump and the Brexit vote is not being addressed.

In an exclusive interview with Unite Brexit Check, Teamster’s director of organising Jeff Farmer said: “At a certain level the rejection of the EU in this country and the rejection of the established political parties in embracing someone like Donald Trump is all part of the same phenomenon.

“Unfortunately what we’ve seen happen, especially in the case of Donald Trump – who has portrayed himself as an ally of working people, as someone who’s going to go to bat for them – has turned out to be a complete sham.

“Rather than embracing the kind of economic populism that people were after, Trump has just brought in more representatives from big business and corporate America.”

Watch Farmer’s full interview with Unite Brexit Check here.