UK aerospace and shipbuilding unions meet to form Brexit action plan

Aerospace and shipbuilding union representatives are meeting at Unite’s London headquarters today (February 15) to develop plans to defend the industry against the negative impacts of Brexit.

The Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions (CSEU), which includes the Unite, GMB and Prospect unions, are forming an action plan to lobby MPs and MEPs to ensure the sectors are not damaged when the UK leaves the EU.

The group will also discuss plans to increase members’ awareness of the dangers Brexit poses to the sector.

Unite Rolls-Royce senior rep for aerospace and CSEU member, Simon Hemmings, said time was running out for the government to agree a deal with the EU that will not adversely impact the aerospace and shipbuilding sectors.

He said: “We need the UK government to begin negotiations around arrangements that will be friendly to the way our industries work.

“Over time there will be job losses if supply chains are disrupted because of border barriers.

“If we have a hard Brexit new products will not be developed and built in the UK. That will ultimately affect several thousands of jobs over a protracted period.”