UK workers could face “explosion” of insecure work after Brexit

Exiting the EU could leave UK workers facing an increase in zero-hour contracts and “cut-rate, bottom of the league protections” which include weakened holiday and equal pay rights, the TUC has warned.

The TUC’s dire prognosis came as congress published a report highlighting an explosion of insecure jobs in the UK.

The number of people working without guaranteed hours or basic employment rights has increased by more than 666,000 during the past five years, the study found. More than three million workers now have insecure contracts – 10 percent of the workforce – up from 2.4m in 2011.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady told the Independent insecure work was now “the new normal for far too many people”, with the issue “getting worse” due to the government’s hard Brexit stance.

She said: “If the Government rushes to the bottom on employment rights after Brexit, we could see even more of these dodgy contracts. People in Britain deserve better than cut-rate, bottom-of-the-league protections at work.”

Her comments were echoed by the Labour party, which said that unless workers’ rights are protected after Brexit there will be an “explosion” of insecure work.

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