UK would stay in EU if referendum held now, poll finds

Remain voters would outnumber those who want to leave the EU if a referendum was held today, a poll suggests.

The survey, conducted for the Mirror, found that 51 percent of people would now vote to remain compared to 49 percent for Brexit if the referendum was held again.

Of the 44,000 people asked 13.5 percent of those who voted to leave the EU would now change to remain if there was another referendum, compared to 9.1 percent of remain voters who would cast a vote to leave.

The shift in votes would see a 51.2 percent majority for remain and 48.8 percent minority for leave.

Despite, this 51.3 percent of the people surveyed by the newspaper said they did not want a second referendum.

A majority of the poll’s respondents, 54.7 percent, also expect the UK to split within the next decade over Brexit.

The poll echoes research carried out last June, which found that 7 percent of people who voted leave had changed their mind. If they had the chance to vote again the leave vote would be reduced by 1.2m, drastically reducing the majority for Brexit.