Unions and manufacturers urge MPs to amend Brexit Bills to combat unfairly cheap imports


Trade unions and manufacturing organisations have written to MPs urging them to amend the Trade and ‘Customs’ Bills.

The Manufacturing Trade Remedies Alliance (MTRA) say that without changes, the bills will weaken the UK’s ability to combat unfairly cheap imports.

MTRA Secretary Tom Reynolds said: “When other countries don’t play by the global trade rules, manufacturers depend on effective trade remedies.

“The government’s proposals will produce post-Brexit remedies that are weaker than in the EU, putting jobs and investment on the line.

“On the brink of a trade war, why disarm? The bills need amending; we need robust remedies.”

MTRA have asked MPs to support amendments 21 and 25 to the Customs Bill and 22 and 23 of the Trade Bill.