Unite demands govt publish leaked Brexit impact report in full

The government must publish the entirety of a leaked Brexit impact report, Unite has said.

The report, leaked to Buzzfeed, was meant for cabinet ministers only and shows that over 15 years national income would fall by 8 per cent if the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal, decrease by 5 per cent with a free trade agreement and drop by 2 per cent if Britain stays in the single market.

The government insists the report, which factored the economic benefits of a trade deal with the US into its calculations, does not take into account Theresa May’s preferred outcome of a bespoke deal.

However, the EU has repeatedly stated May will not be able to achieve an outcome much better than the bloc’s agreement with Canada – which the report says will still hurt the economy.

The leak further exposed the intractable Brexit conflict within the Tory party, with hard Brexit Conservative MPs lining up to denounce the report as inaccurate and moderates calling for it be published.

Brexit secretary David Davis has repeatedly contradicted himself over the existence of any Brexit impact assessments – telling MPs that they were being carried out and then denying they existed.

Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner said: “It is abundantly clear why David Davis has misled Parliament and the public over the existence of any impact assessments – he is trying to hide the disastrous consequences of a Tory-led Brexit.

“This is an issue which will impact on countless people’s livelihoods for years to come.

“Even if the Tories were not tearing themselves apart over Brexit and making a shambles of the negotiations, it would still be completely unacceptable for the government to hide vital information solely to avoid scrutiny of their actions – that’s not how a parliamentary democracy works.

“The government must release the impact assessment immediately and in full and allow MPs to debate its contents.”