Unite: Gibraltar badly needs assurance over post-Brexit border with Spain

In an article for Brexit Check, Unite’s Gibraltar branch coordinator Christian Duo has called on the British and Spanish governments to provide assurances that the Rock’s border with Spain is high on their priority lists.

Duo welcomed Labour’s plan to remain within the single market after the Article 50 negotiations have finished in March 2019, saying it would avoid a damaging cliff-edge for the British and Gibraltar economies.

He called for Gibraltar’s “special status” to be preserved regardless of the outcome of the Brexit talks.

Duo said: “It’s difficult… to trust that our members, and all those who live or work on the Rock, will not still be used as bargaining chips further down the line. This is why Unite has called for the preservation of Gibraltar’s “special status” within the EU, irrespective of Brexit.

“Special status for Gibraltar means the Rock retaining all the current benefits that it currently needs to sustain and develop its local economy, including freedom of movement for Gibraltarians, other residents and EU residents.”

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