Unite: Government must note Toyota’s concern on transition deal

Commenting on reports that Japanese car firm Toyota intends to build the next version of its Auris car at its Burnaston, Derbyshire plant, on the assumption that the government secures a transitional Brexit deal, Unite has urged the government to listen to the firm’s concern about a post-Brexit transition deal.

Pete Tsouvallaris, Unite’s senior Toyota rep said: “We hope that the government will note Toyota’s concern to secure a transition deal.  This is essential to secure continued investment in a plant which brings skilled jobs and prosperity to the East Midlands.

“The importance of a deal to the UK’s automotive industry cannot be underplayed. Access to the single market and a customs union in order to secure the same frictionless trade we have today is vital.

“We implore the cabinet to focus on delivering this transition period. Without it and the certainty for trade that it brings, we are extremely fearful that investment will melt away from the UK.”