Unite hails vote giving MPs “meaningful” say on final Brexit deal

Unite has hailed a successful vote by cross-party MPs to preserve parliamentary sovereignty by preventing the government from dictating the final terms of Brexit.

Despite last minute concessions, Theresa May suffered a humiliating defeat yesterday (December 13) after MPs voted for a “meaningful vote” on the end Brexit deal.

Unite said the Prime Minister should learn from the loss by changing her government’s shambolic approach to Brexit, clarifying what a final deal will look like and halting her attempts to bypass Parliament.

The Prime Minister lost the vote by 309 to 305, after Labour supported an amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill tabled by Tory MP Dominic Grieve and supported by ten other Conservative members.

The amendment scuppered government plans to use controversial “Henry VIII” powers – which allow ministers to circumvent parliamentary scrutiny – to turn parts of a final EU deal into UK law.

MPs must now approve the end deal before it can be enshrined in legislation.

Unite director of international Simon Dubbins said: “This vote was an important step in ensuring the parliamentary sovereignty so often cited as the reason to leave the EU is actually enacted.

“MPs from across the House have made clear the government’s placations and promises are not a replacement for proper democratic process.

“The EU’s elected representatives are not excluded from having a say on the deal and neither should ours be.

“MPs have shown that they will not abandon their primary duty of putting the interests of the nation first by allowing Theresa May’s government to dictate the terms of Brexit.”

He added: “The Prime Minister must learn from this defeat and take a different approach – one that ends the crippling uncertainty emanating from government, urgently makes clear what a deal will look like and works with Parliament instead of trying to ignore it.”