Unite Michelin senior steward Marc Jackson: Dundee tyre factory staff don’t want damaging post-Brexit tariffs

Staff at the Michelin tyre factory in Dundee are worried about the future viability of the business after Brexit, Unite senior shop steward Marc Jackson has said.

“Our biggest concern with Brexit is with taxation on items. Depending on the type of Brexit we get, we could be penalised 6 per cent, 4 per cent or 3 per cent etc on products that leave the country. That’s going to be a major concern because 92 per cent of our stuff is exported,” explained Jackson.

“We’re also concerned about tariffs on the rubber we import that comes through the EU, because that will also make it more expensive for us. There’s the potential for our factory to shut.

“Michelin has been very supportive to us in regards to Brexit. But if we’re getting taxed on our products going in and out, does that mean less investment and lower pay rises? Everyone’s unsure of the future.

“Members are saying to me ‘Marc this Brexit thing was done on immigration and people were told things that were completely untrue (about the economy)’. They’re worried.”

Jackson said whichever party politicians belong to, they have a responsibility to protect their communities if they feel that Theresa May’s final Brexit deal will harm local jobs and living standards.

He said: “MPs are there to represent their constituents – if we are going to take a hit because of the actions of the government, they should be saying ‘hold on a minute here, what are we signing off on?’

“They need to highlight cases like ours and say ‘lets be honest here, they could be taxed £10 per product or whatever it is and that could mean jobs’.”