Unite: Tories betraying UK workers by outsourcing production of post-Brexit passports to France

In a sign of how the Tories expect the post-Brexit economy to run, the government have outsourced the production of the UK’s new iconic passport to France.

Unite said the government must reverse the decision to ship production of the new blue passport across the channel after it emerged British firm De La Rue would no longer produce UK passports after 2019.

Accusing government ministers of betraying UK workers, Unite said attempts to blame European Union procurement rules for the decision was a smokescreen because France produces its own passports citing national security.

Vowing to fight the decision in order to secure UK jobs, Unite national officer Louisa Bull said: “Theresa May and Amber Rudd need to explain to De La Rue workers why ‘taking back control’ means their jobs could be put at risk while the production of Britain’s new iconic passport is shipped overseas to France.

“It wouldn’t happen in France because of national security and it shouldn’t happen in the UK. De La Rue is the UK’s leading security printer making bank notes as well as passports sustaining thousands of decent jobs in the UK.

“Ministers need to reverse this decision and start supporting British business and UK workers through public procurement and an industrial strategy which is more than just soundbites.”

Sign the petition calling for the government to bring passport production back in country here.