US farmers lobby to introduce chlorine-dipped chicken to post-Brexit Britain

US farmers are lobbying trade negotiators to open up UK markets to American produce banned in Europe, once Britain has left the EU.

If successful the move could see exports currently banned under EU law enter Britain including: genetically engineered food, chicken dipped in chlorine and hormone raised beef.

Prime Minister Theresa May is hoping to strike a trade deal with anti-EU President Donald Trump – who has said that Britain would be “first in the queue” for a US trade agreement – as part of her plan to increase global commerce in the wake of the Brexit vote.

American Farm Bureau Federation spokesman, William Rodger, brushed off concerns over American food production methods and said stateside farmers want their “chance to compete.”

He told Buzzfeed News, “There is populist concern on GMOs, for instance, even though the medical community has deemed genetically engineered foods safe for consumption.

“We’re asking for our chance to compete. If Britons are afraid of these techniques, they won’t buy food produced with them. That’s their right, regardless if it’s irrational.”

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